21 май 2011

Neva Krysteva - Biography and list of compositions

Neva Krysteva, D.M. graduated from the Moscow P. I. Tchaikovsky Conservatory, majoring in musicology under prof. Jury Holopov in the department of Theory and Composition and in organ under prof. Leonid Roizman in the Instrumental department. Her Graduation thesis is on the Contrapunal Technique in Josquin de Pres' Masses and later specialized in Organ under prof. Irji Reinbergerin Prague and Zurich. Neva Krysteva defended two doctoral dissertations; one comparing and contrasting Bulgarian choir traditions and history of polyphony in Western Europe music, 1985; the second one is named Contrapunctus et Compositio: Aspects of polyphonic composition, 1990. Prof. Krysteva is equally successful in three spheres of activity: as an organist, theorist of music and lecturer, and as a composer.

Dr. Krysteva has given hundreds of concerts throughout Europe (Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Russia, Hungary, the Check Republic, Slovakia, Romania) the US of A., and Asia. Her performing career in her native country began in 1974, after the construction of the new Schuke organ in Bulgaria Concert Hall (the old Sauer was destroyed by bombs during World War II). It was on this instrument that she has made numerous appearances and recordings. Being a performer of an extensive repertoire, in her programs she includes Baroque and Romantic music, as well as 20th century works. A number of compositions have been written especially for her and have been dedicated to her. She also performs in ensemble with the violinist Stoinka Milanova and the cellist Anatoly Krastev and Ivan Montigeti (Russia).

Neva Krysteva is also a Professor in Polyphony, counterpoint, fugue and Polyphony in the competitions of the centuries after J. S. Bach. at Pancho Vladigerov National Academy of Music in Sofia, Bulgaria. Since 1978 she has also been teaching organ there. A founder of the Bulgarian Organ school, she has many students performing around the world. Her compositions are mainly in the genres of organ, chamber and choral music, as evident below.


Vocal-instrumental works with organ:

For mixed choir and organ:

“The Pimmit” – military madrigal on “The Defenders of Shipka” by I. Vazov for 12-voices mixed choir and organ, 1988.
“Requiem” for mixed choir and organ on works by composer Sv. Obretenov. 1995.

For male choir and organ:

“Tebe odeiushtugosia – The Shroud of Christ psalm” for male choir and organ on “Bolgarski Rospev”, 1998.

For soloists and instrumental ensemble with organ:

“Mythological songs” for two female folk singers, organ, soprano and percussion, 1975.
Quantus tremor for mezosoprano, trumpet, cello and organ, 1989.

For voice and organ:

“The old Icon” on a poem by I. Vazov, 1987.
“Our Father”, 1995.
Choral of Jan Huss at the stake: Jesus Christus nostra salus”, 2005.

Instrumental works with organ:

Heterophonic miniatures for organ, 1974.
Sonata da Chiesa for flute (alto), piccolo and organ, 1987.
In Memorias Exire (in memory of her mother) for piano, organ and percussion, 1997.

Vocal-instrumental chamber music:

Sonata for oboe and piano
“Homage to Soler” for piano and harpsichord.
“Five Pirin's songs for wood-nymphs” for a female jazz singer and flute, 1989.
“Reflections” on Goethe's texts for voice and piano, 1995.
“To the desert” (on the life of Maria from Egypt) for psalt, countertenor, folk singer, soprano, bass and instrumental ensemble, 1998.
Seven songs on Blake's “Thel's book” for soprano, countertenor(/alto), viola d'amore and harpsichord.
Bogomil's legend for countertenor, bass, eurhythmy, harpsichord, piano, clarinet and recitative.
Orphic hymn for voices, reed and bass recorders, lyre and prepared piano, 2005.
“Robinka” for voices, flutes, recitative and lighting on folkloric text, 2006.

Choral music:

For female choir: Five songs on poems by Dimcho Debelianov, 1991.
Missa Angelus, 1993.

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